Tuesday, 21 March 2017

An Odyssey to the promised land of beer

Some say that the leap into brewing is a voyage into the unknown so calling your brewery Odyssey would seem fitting.

Odyssey brew co. is a family run brewery based on the National Trust Brockhampton Estate in Hereford and takes its inspiration from the incredibly diverse US craft beer scene and their beer line up reflects that perfectly, from light, fragrant wheat beers, to hoppy pale ales through to deep, luxurious coffee stouts.

Their mantra is product before profit, something that really should be the case for a lot of breweries, and they only sell through independent retailers, bars and pubs, and through their own tap room, The Beer in Hand, in Hereford.

The US influence can be seen clearly in their current line up of released beer, with a range of hop forward IPA’s, including the fantastic San Diego Unsession IPA and Dr. Greenthumb double IPA. For those who prefer the darker side there are such delights as the imperial Hop Zombie Blood, an imperial red ale, and their Latte Stout Export (See below) that I hear may have an imperial version coming for 2017.

They have also branched out recently on the awesome collaboration beer, Honey Bee Good with the also excellent Deya Brewing, review below

The beers

Devil May Care India Pale ale – 7.4%

This was my first ever brew from Odyssey and what an epic beer it is!!!
A big, dank IPA, this pours a dark amber colour with a thin head and huge tropical fruit aromas, mainly mango and pineapple with a little malty goodness. Taste is actually a little bitter at first then straight into those thick tropical fruits, finishing quite dry with a hint of grapefruit. Honestly, this is one of the best single IPA's I have had in a while and at 7.4% it's a bit of a banger.

The great beer dad rating - 9/10

Honey Bee Good – Collaboration with Deya Brewing – 5%

Proof positive right here that brewery collaboration is a wonderful thing! Honey bee good from is a real gem. This pours a gorgeous golden colour and fills the room with big aromas of stone fruits, vanilla, sweet, sticky honey and a truck load of hops. Taste however is no way near as sweet which is a good thing in my opinion. Plenty of Hop bitterness smoothed out with those fruits and only a mild hint of that honey that just enhances it rather than overpowers. Mouthfeel is thick and luxurious, this is a proper, beery milkshake. I would happily fill my fridge with this!!

The great beer dad rating - 9/10

Latte Stout Export – 6.6%

Honestly, I can't fault this Latte stout export from, it's everything I look for in a good stout. Pours a thick, jet black with aromas of dark chocolate, smoky roasted malts, and rich milky coffee.
Flavour is just a pure copy of that amazing aroma, smooth chocolate and a lovely smokiness. Finishes with a little vanilla and some more roasted coffee. I'm gonna say it, I love this beer! At 6.6% this is just right for a big bottle that can be enjoyed at leisure 

The great beer dad rating - 10/10


  1. Great post dude... odyssey are definitely on my radar, I'm gonna try and talk my local bottleshop in to sourcing some

    1. Great idea, they won't stay on the shelves for long!
      If not, all mine came from www.beerrevolution.co.uk