Friday, 7 April 2017

Time and Tide (and beer) wait for no man!!

When you are looking for the most exciting up and coming breweries in the UK, you have to look to the East…. Almost as far East as you can in the UK to the small village of Eastry in Kent. There you will find Time and Tide Brewing.

Founded on the idea of creating unique beers and experimenting with flavours that you wouldn’t think would ever work (A beetroot Hefeweizen anyone??!!), Time and Tide have managed to do what so many other smaller breweries have struggled with, creating a consistent and solid line up of beers that create all the hype for themselves and leave everyone talking about them.

Not content with just pushing out great beer, they are constantly engaging with their customers, getting and taking feedback to improve or just to engage in chatter about all things beer and it’s this presence that has enamoured them to so many in the craft community.

Below are my thoughts on the beers I’ve had so far and even a sneak peek at an as yet unreleased beer that I was very lucky to sample…….

The Kraken Coffee stout – 7.4%

'What a Kraken grasps, it does not lose, be it a longship or a leviathan'..... George R.R. Martin could not have been more right because once this this deliciously dark denizen of the deep has you he's never letting go!!! One of my all time favourite coffee stouts, The Kraken is one of those beers I can just go to over and over again.
This pours a thick, deep black with a dense beige head. Big aromas of black coffee and dark chocolate with a vanilla sweetness. Taste is pure coffee and chocolate goodness with some essence of toasted malts and molasses. There's a small amount of carbonation and a medium body. I know there have been a few tweaks to the recipe since I first had this and they've only made it better!!

The great beer dad rating - 9/10

All in Jim IPA – 5.4%

That's right..... I'm going All In....Jim!!
This is a great IPA brewed with citra, cascade, sorachi and herkules hops with an ABV of 5.4%
This pours gold with a light haze and has some nice aromas of peach, passionfruit and pine. Taste is fairly sweet with a lasting bitterness at the back but it's not overpowering. In the middle of all of that there's stone fruits and grapefruit.
This is a really good, sessionable IPA that I could easily fill the fridge with

The great beer dad rating - 8.5/10

Double stout – 9%

Lots of chocolate, coffee and roasted malt on the nose as soon as the ring was pulled. Silky smooth pour with a thick off-white head. Taste is coffee and chocolate with a good smokiness. This doesn't feel like a 9% beer and I could happily drink this through the day

The great beer dad rating - 9/10

Papa Midnight black IPL – 6.5%

This is a real enigma of a beer, as the name suggests it pours a deep black with aromas of roasted malts, herbs and grass. Taste is a delightful blend of roasted grains with citrusy hops and pine with a nice warmth at the finish. Time to embrace the darkness and let it take me.....

The great beer dad rating - 8.5/10

Domino white stout – 8.6%

We end with a very special sneak preview of Time and Tide’s 8.6% imperial white stout, Domino. This is a big beer, no doubt about it. As the name suggests it pours a very pale amber colour but the aromas are all impy stout, roasted malts, chocolate and smoke with a little sweetness. The taste follows nicely, with the same deep roasty flavours and a hoppy bitterness at the end. Lighter mouthfeel than a traditional impy stout but in no way detracts from what is a fantastic beer. Personally, I can't wait until this is released so I can get some more and especially see if ageing adds anything to the flavour

The great beer dad rating - 9/10

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