Thursday, 23 February 2017

Hello, good day and welcome

Hello and welcome to the great British craft beer blog!

over the last few years i have found myself delving deeper and deeper into the craft beer scene, trying all the weird and wonderful beers that i could get my hands on and developing serious beer envy whenever i'd see a great American juice bomb or deliciously crafted Belgian Lambic pop up on my instagram feed that was never gonna make it to the fair shores of the United Kingdom.

All this envy led me to think that surely, there are more craft brewers in the UK that can match these almost mythic brews and so... my mission has begun.

Whilst most are aware of the divine offerings from the likes of Cloudwater, Beavertown and Northern monk and the unstoppable juggernaut that is Brewdog i want to seek out all those intrepid men and women whose passion has led them to craft their own unique brews and set up their own breweries, to tell their stories and to give you the lowdown on their malty and hoppy offerings

I'll be running this blog alongside my already established instagram account and will be posting hopefully once a week along with select pictures and other musings.

You'll see that i add ratings to all the beers i try, as a rule, these ratings are based on my opinion and nothing more. I will only rate a beer against its peers in the same style (There's no point trying to compare a session IPA with a big, bruising DIPA, or a porter against a barrel-aged imperial stout). 

As a guide my rating structure is below

1-2 - Holy hell! why am i drinking this (Hopefully won't see many of these)
3-4 - Not the worst, but really not something i'd want to try again
5-7 - Now we're getting there, decent, needs a little something to make it stand out
8-9 - Those beers that you remember fondly the next day, unique or exceptional flavour profiles that almost beg you to drink more
10 - Beervana! the state of true enlightenment when beer perfection is reached... 10 is a rarity and only bestowed on those beers that absolutely knock my socks off!

So... welcome again, make yourself comfortable, open a brew and enjoy

The great beer dad


  1. Good stuff buddy and it's about time! I look forward to following your blog journey!