Friday, 24 February 2017

Lost and Grounded in Bristol (Via Germany)

For my first official post I wanted to go local, and being just a short trip up the M4 motorway for me, Lost and Grounded in Bristol was a logical choice.

Founded in 2015 and producing their first beers in July 2016, Lost and grounded take their inspiration from the precise nature of German brewing and the truly unique properties of Belgian beers.

Their current range of beers includes;

  • ·        Keller pils, their take on a traditional German pilsner style beer
  • ·        Running with Sceptres, a hop-forward lager beer
  • ·        Hop-Hand Fallacy, a farmhouse style ale akin to a good Belgian Saison
  • ·        No Rest for Dancers, a hoppy red ale that is reviewed below
  • ·        Apophenia, a Belgian style tripel beer
  • ·        Running with Spectres, a seasonal special black beer that they describe as a hoppy version of a Baltic porter

My first beer from Lost and Grounded is No Rest for Dancers, a hoppy red ale brewed with Pilsner, Vienna, light and dark Crystal malts combined with Brewers gold, Chinook and Mosiac hops for that good hoppy kick.

This pours a deep red colour with a nice, foamy off white head that leaves a good amount of lacing on the glass. On the nose this is very earthy, caramel notes and woody. The taste is complex, some smokiness mixed with berries and caramel notes but with a nice hoppy bite, all leading to a dry finish with a nicely balanced bitterness. 
There is a lighter feel to this than other red ale’s I’ve had that may be down to the choice of malts but it’s not unwelcome.

At 6.2% this is a little over the sessionable threshold and is more of a beer to sup slowly and enjoy, letting the different flavours come out on the palate.

The great beer dad rating – 7.5/10


  1. Great review. I didn't realise that they were still a very young brewry. Definitely one to keep up with!

    1. Same here, but breweries are popping up almost daily so it's hard to keep up. I'm hoping to pop in next time i'm in Bristol